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5 Ways to Keep Your Goals on Target

Whether personal or professional, we usually have let our goals start to slip a little by the time February comes around.  We have the best of intentions in January, but with so many things to do, we can easily get overwhelmed and lose track of what we were shooting for, especially if our goal is more long-term.  Here are 5 ways to help you gain some forward momentum:
  1. Break your goal down into smaller steps – is your goal to lose 50 pounds this year?  Or to roll out a new training initiative in your agency?  Either way, these big goals can be broken down into smaller steps so your goal won’t seem so overwhelming.  Remember, we don’t eat a large sausage in one piece; we break it down into manageable chunks.
  2. Use your calendar – there’s something about writing a task or goal down that makes it all the more real.  Take your broken down goal steps and put them on the calendar when you realistically think you can reach them, and set yourself a reminder.  
  3. Log your achievements – This shows you’re making headway, especially if you tend to slide into the feeling of “I’m still not there!”  You’re GETTING there, and this log will prove it!
  4. Know your motivation – this is important when facing a difficult challenge.  When you know WHY you want to achieve a particular goal, you can lean on that motivation when times get tough and you want to slip backwards. 
  5. Reward yourself – Were you trying to show someone how important your new project is and they’re finally on board?  Give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself – go for a walk around your building, get a fun coffee drink, or give yourself 5 extra minutes meditating!


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