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Welcome to the New World Office Blog

This is where I will be posting anything from tips on office procedures, email, file, or time management, email etiquette, and even things I may learn about various software.  Read on and join in!

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Crazy for Rules

´╗┐Don’t go crazy with rules and filtering for your email.  It can sometimes get confusing managing them if you have too many.  Have a few important ones (at least to start with) and stick to them (have rules for moving newsletters out of your inbox, and other stuff you don’t NEED to read regularly).


Time Waster reading Email

Don't do this - open your email, read it, save it for later.  Then open it again, read it again, and repeat.  You should only open and read your email when you are ready to process it.  This means when you can take time to decide which course of action each email requires you to do, and you can do it, should you then read your emails.

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