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Welcome to the New World Office Blog

This is where I will be posting anything from tips on office procedures, email, file, or time management, email etiquette, and even things I may learn about various software.  Read on and join in!

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Don’t Let Learning Get In the Way of Doing

I was told a few years back that I was a life-long learner by a business coach.  Really?  I wonder where this person got that idea.  Maybe it’s from the various classes I love to take – Organizational Analysis, Harmonica, 1st Aid, or making the best empanadas.  Or maybe it’s the 11 magazine subscriptions I have where I gobble up all kinds of information – where the best backroad driving in Colorado is, what’s the latest book on productivity, who’s skydiving where, or how to conquer sales fear.  Or it could be the numerous blog sites I’m always checking in on, really too many to name.  Whether it’s researching real estate numbers, discovering the psychology behind procrastination, or developing the best dry rub for smoking pulled pork, I absolutely love to learn new things!

Some may say I’m all over the place.  Some may say I’m not focused.  But it’s not true!  There’s just so much information out there, I don’t want to miss any of it.  A while back I read that Gemini’s know a little bit about a lot of topics.  Gemini’s love to ferret out, absorb, and share information.  I’m a Gemini, and if you believe in this stuff, in this sense I’m a Gemini through and through.

What my business coach was getting at, however, was not coming from a positive place.  She was saying that because I love to research, it’s easy to put that ahead of doing things.  I can fall into a trap when it comes to running a business:

Step 1 - Research ways to do Project X
Step 2 - Start working on Project X
Step 3 - Realize Project X is not up to par, so do more research.
Step 4 – go back to Step 1

I always considered myself a do-er, but after this was pointed out to me, I began to see patterns.  For instance, Project X was never quite good enough and always needed more work before I sent it off to a client/a group/the world.  Whenever I faced something in my business that made me uncomfortable, I would slip into doing something that WAS comfortable – research.  This is a natural human behavior, and it’s fine…unless it prevents me from achieving goals.  If I slip into this pattern too much, nothing will get done.  

I was completely unaware of this, but once it was pointed out to me, I realized that the productivity surrounding activities that are not in my comfort zone was way down.  We all have our strengths, and not-so-strong qualities.  Recognizing them is half the battle.  Now, when I have the urge to learn something new, I ask myself “Do I need to do this now, or am I doing this to procrastinate on something else?”.  If the latter, I take a deep breath, and just push through.  I DO, and from my doing, I’m also learning.  

Now I need to go and find out which plants work best in an upright garden bed – AFTER I make some cold calls, of course!



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