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One Small Step, One Big Change

Here it is the end of January already!  How many of you made New Year’s resolutions?  How many of you are still sticking with them?  This is usually the time when our resolutions to do new things start to wane, especially if we haven’t seen much progress.

When it comes to creating new habits, it takes time.  But time flies by so quickly that before we know it, it will be June, the year half gone, and none of our goals will have been attained because we thought we had plenty of time to work on them.


When it comes to keeping up new resolutions, we’ve got to be realistic.  A resolution is determining upon a course of action.  But how many courses of actions can you actually fit into your life at the same time?  And how difficult is each course of action?  


When you want to change things in your life, break changes down into simple steps and start with just ONE step, then once that becomes more natural, add another one.


If you want to lose 50 pounds this year, there are so many things you need to do to make that happen.  This can be overwhelming for most people, too much for the brain to absorb, and then by now (end of January), you’re done.  You slip back into your old routine, feel depressed, and nothing good has come of any of it.

Or you want to get better with time management (I mean, who doesn’t, right?).  Again, you’re taking on WAY too much – many many things to do under this umbrella.  In order to succeed, just pick one small thing to start with.

To begin improving your time management, start by looking at your calendar BEFORE your email in the morning, before you get sucked into the drama and tasks within your email world.  By looking at yor calendar FIRST,  you can see what’s coming up for today, and tomorrow, and get mentally prepared for it all.  It only takes a few minutes.  THEN, you can check your email.

And check your calendar again right before you shut everything down at night, so you can remind yourself what’s happening tomorrow (and you won’t forget about that unusually early morning meeting that you otherwise would have slept through!).

That’s it.  One tiny change that can make a big difference.  Once you get used to doing that without thinking, then add another small change towards your time management improvement.  By June, you’ll truly be on your way to attaining your bigger goal!


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Great Post - Thanks!

January 30, 2015 at 8:47AM | Unregistered CommenterAllison Lynch

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