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Happy Clients


I belong to a business mastermind and today was one of the “stay in action” sessions.  One of the other participants spent several minutes talking about how he had finally gotten around to hiring someone to help him with getting his desk in order and at looking critically at how he was spending his time.  He went on and on about how much this person changed his life and made him more efficient.  Of course I had to ask… and it was you! You rocked his world!! 

It was great to work with you! Through your coaching, I've integrated several productivity tools, to help me get projects done ahead of the due date. I've learned so much from you about how to get organized by learning techniques to focus on my work. I've discovered my distractions and with your help figured out how to block them out. I've also learned a process from you of how to keep my email under control, with the simple flick of a button. Thanks for all your help, and I'll keep you up to date on my progress. You are the best, and you've made a difference for me in my career! -- J. Gibson

Joanne was great - this is one of the better trainings I have been to where I walked away with some information that I could incorporate immediately into our business and daily scheduling! -- D. Montez

Joanne was excellent talking about organizing our calanders...she was very interesting and shared alot of information with us in a short amount of time. -- A. McCabe

Joanne shared a lot of great information with the group and was so entertaining as a speaker! -- T. Sandoval

Thanks so much for the GREAT class last night.  I'm now eagerly color coding all new calendar entries -- A. Fox

I truly enjoyed your presentation last night, and I learned some great information to use today! I felt inspired after your presentation, and have enjoyed my day today being more aware of my “habits” than ever before.  So, I am on my way to breaking some of them (one step at a time).  Thanks for the tipsheet and the breakdown as well -- it is very useful.  -- D. Grizzle

Your presentation was awesome and very valuable.  I have already turned my email notification off and am working on other improvements too!  I have heard some of this more than once, but you are a shining example of why we should all create these good habits and get rid of the bad habits.  -- S. Becker

These are great “take aways”—thank you!  Your presentation was great, and enjoyed by all.  Thank you so much for coming to speak to our group. -- P. Patterson

Thank you, Joanne.  I really enjoyed your presentation last night! Great job! --  B. Hernandez

Working with Joanne has brought some much-needed organization into my personal life! I needed help managing the varied schedules and demands of my working wife and our children; she quickly assessed the situation and gave practical advice with easy-to-understand instructions and guidance.  Joanne has reduced stress in our lives and helped us find more hours in the day so that our family can create more fond memories together!  --  Fernando