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New World Office offers an intensive 90-minute workshop focused on one key area of productivity and organization. Attendees learn skills and strategies to reduce their level of stress, reduce time wasted on unproductive activities and, ultimately get more done in less time with less hassle.


Make Meetings Meaningful and Effective


There are good meetings and there are bad meetings.  Chances are you have been to a LOT of bad meetings.  They drone on forever, they never get to the point, and you leave thinking about all that wasted time and all the work you could have done instead of attending that meeting.

Running an effective meeting is not simply standing there and saying whatever it is you want.  There is a skill to running a successful meeting – meetings that get things done and make attendees feel it was a good use of their valuable time.
This class is extremely useful for anyone who wants to hold a meeting – managers, directors, leadership, and supervisors-in-training – and feel like you got something accomplished by the end of it.  In this class you will learn how to:
  • Understand when to hold a meeting, and reasons NOT to hold a meeting
  • Prepare properly for the meeting
  • Get clarity on the importance of good listening skills
  • Manage difficult participants
  • Bring the meeting to an effective close
  • Transform your meetings into productive gatherings


Take control of your overwhelming email


Email has become an unproductivity tool.  The typical corporate employee spends over 2 hours every day reading and responding to email. The average business user has to wade through 114 emails a day, which is equal to 41,610 messages a year.

Unless your job is to just read email (and frankly, we don't think there IS such a position), but you feel like that’s all you do, New World Office can help. 

Not only will this workshop help you in gaining more control of your email, it will enhance communications amongst all team member participants.

Learn email management techniques:

  • Process your email, don't just read it
  • Utilize categories, folders, and tags
  • Determine how long mail sits in your inbox
  • Learn about and use functional subject lines
  • Properly understand email etiquette
  • Use rules and filtering


Manage your time in a more effective way

Time is truly not something any of us have enough of.  Yet we all have the same amount.  Learning time management skills will help you to win back some of that valuable resource.

Since time is money, it's time to stop wasting both.

In this power packed workshop, you'll:

  • Learn to take full advantage of your calendar's capabilities
  • Discover task lists that work
  • Learn how scheduling tasks reduces time wasted
  • Set up daily and weekly routines
  • Create reminders that make sense

And you'll walk away with a better sense of control and confidence.


Improve workplace behavior for increased productivity

When we start working in an office, we're lucky if someone teaches us how to do our jobs.  Most people are not taught how to work in our offices and be our most efficient selves.  This workshop examines our behaviors and shows where we can begin to have a positive impact in our professional and personal lives.

  • Recognize the benefits of procrastination
  • Eliminate bad habits and create good ones
  • Create focus in a chaotic environment
  • Abstain from multitasking and know why it hurts more than helps
  • Unclutter your brain and keep your thoughts organized


Reduce paper clutter and get order from your chaos

Paper clutter has been known to cause the average office worker to waste an hour a day just looking for lost information.  Things can literally get buried under the piles and in the disorganized file systems in companies. 

The goal of file management is to be able to find what you are looking for in a short amount of time.  Organize your files efficiently and save time!  We’re not just talking about paper files either.  Computer files can get just as out of hand as paper files, and we'll show how to translate your improved paper systems to your digital systems.

  • Keep your inbox manageable
  • Discover the filing system right for you
  • Sort and process your paper work quickly and easily
  • Eliminate lost information
  • Declutter your workspace, and stay that way